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Wedding Floral Design Is Our Specialty

Flowers are perfect for nearly any occasion, but none more so than weddings. Everyone pictures lush, brightly-colored blooms at their wedding, and Fleurish Floral Design is here to cater to you. We offer a wide range of floral services for couples about to tie the knot. Our team has years of combined experience, and we know how to create flower arrangements that fit perfectly within your wedding’s aesthetic. We can’t want to see the grin on your face when you lay eyes on our custom flower arrangements!

Wedding Flower Bouquet

All Your Floral Needs in One Place

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Choosing a cake, finding a venue, and decorating are all hefty tasks within themselves. Fortunately, Fleurish Floral Design is here to make your wedding’s floral design a little easier. We offer a slew of services, so you’ll only need to work with one florist for your big day. Our team has a wide variety of experience, and we can help you design a custom arrangement from scratch, or we can recommend some of our past favorites. Take advantage of all these services and more:

  • Wedding Ceremony Flowers
  • Custom Flower Arrangements
  • Wedding Reception Flowers
  • Flowers for the Aisle
  • Church Décor
Wedding Flower Bouquet

Tips for Choosing a Design

We work with all kinds of clients. Many couples know exactly what they want from their floral design, while others don’t quite know where to start. No matter the case for you, we’re happy to help. We’re always glad to provide advice for choosing the most beautiful and freshest flowers. Here are some of our tips for making the best choice:

  • Give preference to flowers that are in season
  • Be cautious about flowers that might trigger your allergies
  • Buy local to get the freshest blooms
  • Browse the internet and magazines for design inspiration
  • Choose flowers that fit into your wedding’s color palette
  • Start with one piece (a centerpiece, bouquet, etc.) and then design around it

Talk to Our Team Today

If you have questions about one of our services or want to get started on your floral design, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always happy to meet with new clients!